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Asbury Park Dinner Table

A Seat at the Table. During the pandemic lockdown, our clients kept us going so we, naturally, helped feed our neighbors.

March 19, 2020 saw the local economy of the City of Asbury Park adapting on a dime. Our neighbors shifted business models, applied for any assistance they could, and made many difficult decisions - most of which were made out of concern for their employees - the friendly faces you see every day who keep our shops and restaurants going. The takeout-only precaution put in place to protect us from COVID-19 was about to have a devastating effect on our local businesses.

At the same time, our neighbors in need of food needed a hand - and the community realized that our restaurants and our neighbors could help each other out.

Asbury Park Dinner Table was created to mitigate the economic crisis and growing food insecurity we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic by purchasing packaged meals to-go from our locally-owned, small business restaurants.

Over the course of two full years since the pandemic began, Asbury Park Dinner Table served over 165,000 meals and put more than $600,000 into the local economy of Asbury Park.


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